A fun family day

We had a fun family day today. It brought together the Steeles (my mother’s family) with the Guillebauds (the family of my mother’s sister’s husband) for a day of joliiness, hosted at Caldicott School where one of my cousins and her husband teach.

We began with a game of cricket (batting in pairs, with everyone else bowling an over – which meant three pairs, each facing five overs, and minus 10 runs for a wicket). Paired with one of my uncles, we came second with 24 (44 scored, 2 dismissals); top was cousin Simon’s team – he hit six or seven sixes in an explosive innings. It was almost impossible to bowl to him.

Then followed swimming, tennis and a tug of war competition, with each family forming a team. This was hilarious, and really hard work. Pictured are the Beavingtons, with sister Hester at the front, and William at the back. The Goodes narrowly lost to them in the semi-final.

It was an enjoyable day. Now I’m drinking Katnook’s Odyssey Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Coonawarra – and incredibly powerful wine that could put hairs on your chest.

2 comments to A fun family day

  • keith Prothero

    My worst nightmare!! the wine not necessarily a day with the family.

  • Charlie Matthews

    Sounds like a good day. Brings back memories, I went to Caldicott many moons ago, in fact at roughly the same time as Simon Guillebaud, hope that he is well. Remember him being a pretty useful sporting allrounder (for a Frenchman)

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