A day of firsts

Today was a day of firsts.

At 7 am, before the judging of the Top 100, Duncan Savage took three of us out for our first experience of surfing.

We went to Muizenberg beach, which is a great place to learn. The white sharks can be a problem, but as long as they don’t nibble you, it’s just about perfect.

It was tremendous fun, and I was exhausted after 45 minutes in the sea. Photography is courtesy of the very talented Monty Waldin and Tim Atkin.

Then, late this afternoon, after judging finished, Greg Sherwood and I headed over to Duncan’s winery to help him process a small 700 kg lot of Shiraz from Cederberg.

This was the first time I’d driven a forklift truck, and also the first time I’d operated (and cleaned, afterwards) a crusher destemmer. The shallow fermenters were lined with whole bunches and then topped with destemmed grapes, dusted with dry ice.

5 comments to A day of firsts

  • Keith prothero

    Hope you avoided the sewage outflow along the beach. :)A

  • Greg

    Welcome to the Vintage Crew, Jamie.

  • Mark Swift

    Far too much fun for a working man!

    However I must confess a secret envy; work and pleasure? – becoming puritanical

  • Simon T

    Beautiful pose Jamie – looking just like Carlos Tevez’s goal celebration, although its been a while so i could be wrong !

    Surf in the morning and tasting after sounds dreamy – personally speaking, surf, followed by Calamares alla Romana with a nice ice cold beer is close to perfection.

  • Jem

    I’m an expert crusher/destemmer user and cleaner 🙂 Very noisy beast and a b*****r to clean along with the pipes used to pump the output into the cuves

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