A day at Wimbledon with some vintage Champagne

Had a cracking day at Wimbledon today, watching tennis with some good wine trade buddies. It was courtesy of Champagne house Lanson. We had centre court tickets, and watched three games involving three great players: Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.

But as well as watch the tennis, it was a great chance to (a) drink a lot of Champagne, and (b) catch up with good friends in the business. Also present were colleagues Richard Siddle, Peter Richards, Susie Barrie, Hellen McGinn, Ollie Smith, Victoria Moore, Rosie Davenport, Lucy Shaw, Ollie Wehring, Joe Wadsack, Essie Avellan  and all the plus ones. It was a great bunch.

Joe and Helen

Victoria and her brewer brother (Ilkley brewery)

Richard Siddle and Essi Avellan

Peter Richards and Joe Wadsack

The Royal Box attracted a lot of attention. Condoleeza Rice, Pippa Middleton and Denise Lewis in the middle row here.

This was the main drink of the day: Champagne Lanson Vintage 1988. It is nicely mature now, with lovely precision and freshness, and some toasty richness. From magnum.

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