Visiting Constantia (1) - Klein Constantia and making Vin de Constance

On Friday most of the judges from the Top 100 visited two wineries in nearby Constantia. First up, Klein Constantia, who make the wonderful sweet wine Vin de Constance. Winemaker Adam Mason explained how the Vin de Constance was made from the 10 hectares of Muscat de Frontignan vines on the property.

First, one block – [...]

Vinification Integrale

Just written up a visit to Anthonij Rupert, a South African producer with one of the most remarkable wineries you’ll ever see.

For their top reds, they use a system of barrel fermentation called Vinification Integrale. Normally, barrel fermenting reds isn’t possible because of the skins, pips and other solid bits. Some winemakers take one end [...]