Sam Harrop Cedalion Chardonnay 2013 Waiheke Island, New Zealand

So, Sam Harrop’s new wine has just been released. It’s a Chardonnay from Waiheke Island, near Auckland, and it’s superb.

As many of you know, Sam is a buddy of mine (although, as you can imagine with most of my relationships, I probably like him more than he likes me). We have written a book together […]

Kennedy Point Chardonnay from Waiheke Island

This is an interesting wine. You wouldn’t expect to find this in the UK, such is the small scale of its production, but Sam Harrop brought me back a bottle from a recent visit he made to New Zealand, which was very thoughtful of him.

It’s from Kennedy Point, in Waiheke Island – an interesting place […]

Man O’War – sensational Syrah from New Zealand

I’m so glad Tim Atkin selected the Man O’War Dreadnought Syrah for a blind tasting at the Syrah symposium in Hawkes Bay last month. It’s a sensational wine, and this was actually my first exposure to Syrah from New Zealand’s Waiheke Island, just off the coast from Auckland. Since then, I retried this alongside the […]