Some more great, great value Portuguese wines

OK, promised yesterday, more notes on great Portuguese wines for under 10 Euros. I was delighted to find that two of my favourite Vinho Verdes fitted into this category. These are benchmark examples of how good the Alvarinho and Loureiro grape varieties can be. It’s such a shame that Vinho Verde has such a bad [...]

Another good Vinho Verde

After recommending a Vinho Verde a couple of days ago, here’s another good-un. This time it is of the spritzy variety, but there’s really nice balance here and some sweetness of fruit to counter the high acidity. It’s very drinkable, especially in the heat.

Tapada de Villar 2012 Vinho Verde, Portugal
Made by Quinta das Arcas, a [...]

Clip, a really good new Vinho Verde

Super-impressed by this new Vinho Verde, made by Pedro Barbosa, viticulturist at Douro superstar property Vale Meao. Vinho Verde is often a bit spritzy, overcropped and over-acidic, but this is a good one, made from the Loureiro grape variety.

Clip  Loureiro 2012 DO Monte de Vaia, Vinho Verde, Portugal
11% alcohol. Bright, fresh citrus nose with a [...]

A day of Vinho Verde

Today was the Vinho Verde seminar and tasting, held on a jetty overlooking the Thames, just downstream of Tower Bridge. It was my job to present the seminar.

The Vinho Verde region is a big one, and its undergoing some transition. the 20 000 hectares of vines are tended by some 20 000 growers these days. [...]

Super Portuguese white: Ameal Loureiro

This is a wine I like quite a bit. It’s a brilliant Vinho Verde, made from the Loureiro grape variety (not the more famous Alvarinho).

Quinta do Ameal Branco 2009 Vinho Verde, Portugal
11% alcohol. This is from the Loureiro grape variety grown in the Lima sub-region of Vinho Verde. Very fine, aromatic and crisp with a [...]