Chablis (4) the Balade Gourmande (film)

Sunday was the Balade Gourmande in Chablis. It changes village each year, and this time the location was Maligny. The idea is that 600 people walk around the vineyards, stopping at regular intervals for a kind of staggered lunch.

The first stop is starter and Petit Chablis, the second a pre-main with Chablis, the third a […]

Central Otago (10) Rudi Bauer and Quartz Reef

Rudi Bauer, Quartz Reef

It was great to spend some time with one of the pioneering figures of Central Otago wine, Rudi Bauer. Fresh off the plane from the UK, I picked up a car, drove to Cromwell, checked into my accommodation and then spent four hours talking, tasting and walking through vineyards with him.


When […]

The New Zealand Wine Flight

Yesterday, Air New Zealand and New Zealand Wine Growers collaborated to put on a special wine flight over five of New Zealand’s wine regions. I captured the experience in a short film.


Taking off from Blenheim airport


Looking across the southern valleys to the Wither Hills

Where the Waihopai Valley (left) meets the Wairau […]

Central Otago (4) Te Kano and their stunning new vineyard

Looking across to the Northburn vineyard

It’s always exciting to see new vineyards being developed. In recent years one of the most exciting vineyard projects in Central Otago has been the development of a large vineyard in Northburn, on the hills overlooking Lake Dunstan, by Te Kano. This is a substantial undertaking, and so far […]

Central Otago (2) interview with Christopher Keys, Gibbston Valley

Yesterday I caught up with Christopher Keys at Gibbston Valley. He’s one of the more thoughtful winegrowers in the region, and I asked him how his approach to winemaking had changed over the years – he’s been making the wines here since 2006.


Before, he says, he was trying to impress people with his wines. He’s […]

Alternative Bordeaux (1) biodynamics at Château Palmer

Bordeaux. It’s the world’s most famous wine region, but peoples’ perceptions of this place are dominated by the 4% or so of famous properties that sit right at the top of the tree. The celebrity estates deserve their accolades: this region is home to some of the world’s most sought-after wines. But there is more […]

Video: visiting Masi, masters of appassimento

Masi are one of the leading wine producers in the Veneto region of northern Italy. They are specialists in appassimento, the process of drying freshly harvested grapes on racks for three months after vintage. During the drying process, sugars, flavour compounds and acidity are concentrated, and metabolic changes take place in the grapes that otherwise […]

A pruning masterclass: cane-pruning Sauvignon in Marlborough

The Awatere: time to prune

This morning Mike Eaton kindly took me out to a vineyard he’s working with in the Awatere Valley (Marlborough, New Zealand) to give a quick pruning masterclass.

Here’s the film – it’s quite long at 14 minutes, but it goes into detail about some of the decision-making process in pruning a vineyard.

In […]

Video: the Finger Lakes Wine Region

I’m just back from a trip visiting the wine regions of New York State. Here’s a short film giving you an idea of what the Finger Lakes, the largest of the wine regions here, looks like.

Over the next week or so I’ll be writing up the visits in full detail, explaining a bit about the […]

In Vancouver: we buy and cook spot prawns straight from the sea, with chef Ned Bell

Ned Bell, celebrity chef, author of ‘Lured’

This was a fun day. We headed out to Granville Island, Vancouver, where we met up with chef Ned Bell at Edible Canada After a lunch of bison poutine, we visited Granville Island market to buy some ingredients. Then it was off to have a look at some […]