Video: making Port, traditional and modern approaches

Making Port wine: traditional and modern approaches from Jamie Goode on Vimeo.

Video: Jamie Goode in the Douro

A new video. It’s a sort of hybrid between my scenic vineyard pieces and my pieces to camera. I’ve been trying to improve the quality of these videos without making them impossibly large to upload, so I hope the extra clarity this brings to the picture is appreciated! I’m also trying out Vimeo, as opposed […]

Video: tasting Riesling from Mosel, Alsace and Australia

Another video blog entry – this time, me tasting some rather delicious Rieslings. Perfect for a warm summer weekend like this.

Video: Felton Road, Central Otago

Drinking the Cornish Point over the last couple of nights has prompted me to write up my visit to Felton Road, which is here on the main wineanorak site.

I’ve also uploaded the rather rough and ready video footage I shot, which I hope gives you a feel for this rather special place.

Video: harvest time at the spectacular Quinta do Noval, in Portugal’s Douro

Here’s a short film I shot at the spectacular Quinta do Noval, in Portugal’s Douro, during the 2009 harvest.

Video: two top-notch New Zealand Syrahs

Here I take a look at New Zealand Syrah, tasting two top-notch examples on camera. Will it be the next big thing from Kiwiland? Too soon to say, with less than 300 hectares of Syrah planted in the whole country. But I’m a big fan – I’m excited by the wines that I’ve tried so […]