Holly's Garden Pinot Gris 2013, a Victorian gem

Neil Prentice’s Holly’s Garden wines are made from biodynamically tended vines grown in Whitlands, Victoria, at 750 m altitude. Normally, the prospect of drinking Australian Pinot Gris doesn’t thrill me, but this wine is different. Neil showed his commitment to it by planting 6 hectares, which along with 4 hectares of Pinot Noir constitutes his […]

A beautiful Syrah from the Grampians

Never heard of this wine before, but it’s brilliant. A great example of the new wave of serious, small scale Aussie producers who are shunning over-ripe, sweet, oaky styles for those with freshness and precision. It also shows that it is possible to make world class Australian red wine at just 13.5% alcohol. More people […]