Discussing sweet wines, with notes on 18 interesting bottles

Sweet wines aren’t all that fashionable, but they are delicious. The best sweet wines are among the most complex and concentrated expressions of the vine possible, and in past times they occupied the pinnacle of the fine wine tree. We’ve kind of neglected them of late, partly because in these alcohol-consumption-conscious days we seldom manage […]

Incredible sweet wines, from Mullineux and Klein Constantia, including the 1875

In the space of one day I had the chance to try some mind blowing sweet wines, new and old. The first experience was at Klein Constantia. Back in the 18th and 19th Centuries, the Constantia estate made world renowned sweet wines. The estate was later split into three, but by this stage the production […]

A truly remarkable 6 Puttonyos Tokaji from Dobogó

I made a great discovery tonight. I always love finding new wines that are amazing, like this 6 Puttonyos Tokaji. Dobogó is a small producer in Tokaji, Hungary, with 5 hectares of biodynamically tended vines, and they export 60% of their production. This wine was just thrilling.

Dobogó Tokaji Aszu 6 Puttonyos 2006 Hungary
Amazingly complex nose […]

Pre- and post-run wines from last weekend at Pichon

Last Friday night I stayed at Château Pichon in Pauillac, in preparation for the long run the next day. I was intending to drink very little, but in the end some nice bottles were opened. Ideal preparation for the run! I’ve also added some notes for a few post-run bottles. The Noval Vintage 2003, which […]

The incomparable Yquem 1986

This was the star wine in a star line-up at Tuesday’s lunch. Just thrillingly good.

Chateau d’Yquem 1986 Sauternes, Bordeaux, France
Powerful, spicy and intense with lovely flavours of marmalade, apricot, spice and citrus, as well as some sweet melon notes and a delicious creaminess. There’s also a hint of white pepper. This is tantalising. So spicy […]

On sweetness

I love Alsace wines. More so for just having come back from this most beautiful of wine regions. When can I visit again? I want to plan another trip.

One of the issues of Alsace wines is that of sweetness. Unless you are seriously knowledgable, you just don’t know whether you are going to be […]

Vin de Constance, one of the world's great sweet wines

Yesterday I had the chance to taste, for I think the third time, the 2008 Vin de Constance. I didn’t spit my sample.

This is one of the world’s great sweet wines. It’s made by Klein Constantia, and it’s a wine that has been made to replicate, as closely as possible, the famous Constantia wines of […]

Hugel Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive

I really like the wines of Alsace. It’s a region I’d like to focus on more in the future, because I think it’s seriously underrated and often forgotten. If you are a white wine fan, there’s a lot of fun to be had here without spending serious money.

It’s from Hugel, a solidly good producer, and […]

A brilliantly affordable sweet South African

Very impressed by this affordable sweet wine from South Africa. It’s remarkable value for money.

Nuy Red Muskadel NV South Africa
16% alcohol. This is something a bit different: an old-fashioned fortified sweet red muscat from South Africa, offering lovely flavours of rosehips and raspberry jam on toast, with a bit of spiciness. There are also subtle notes of […]

Tokaji in Tokaj, the film

Here’s the film from my visit to Tokaj, featuring Disznoko, Lazlo Meszaros the Director of Disznoko, and the wonderful Aszu berries being harvested one at a time.