Lunch at Terroirs, with the fab Belluard Gringet from Savoie

Had lunch at Terroirs wine bar today with a friend. I haven’t been here for a while, but we were in the neighbourhood, it was just past noon, and the opportunity presented itself. We did a walk-in, sat at the bar and ordered oysters and a lovely fresh, natural Muscadet (Amphibolite).

It was a magical combination. […]

Apremont: a fresh mountain white

This is nice, uncomplicated drinking. Quite delicious actually.

Pierre Boniface Les Rocialles Apremont 2009 Vin de Savoie, France
11.5% alcohol. Made from the Jacquere grape, this is a very fresh, light white wine with a delicate minerality – it’s a bit like licking a stone. It’s not excessively fruity, with a touch of lemon, but it’s really […]