Last day in Russia

I’m now back from my first visit to Russia, which was a great experience and will be written up in full, in my usual anorak-like fashion.

The last morning was spent at Abrau Durso, a sparkling wine specialist. It’s a house with some history, spanning back to 1870. Current production levels are a surprising 18 million […]

A great 'modern Russian' lunch in Novorossiysk

Had a little bit of time to look round the port city of Novorossiysk yesterday. Its seafront has been redeveloped very attractively, and there’s a huge old battleship moored in front of the promenade.

This was followed by lunch at Cafe Prego, where as an alternative to their normal Italian fare, they had prepared a fantastic […]

Gratuitous pictures of grapes here in Russia

Cabernet Sauvignon


Some pictures of grapes ready for harvest at Fanagoria winery. The hygeinic status of the vineyards I’ve seen so far has been excellent – they’re really well maintained. Yields in some of the vineyards are on the generous side, though.


Sauvignon Blanc


Pinot Noir

Another interesting day in Russia

I spent today in the Fanagoria winery in Russia. It’s a big operation, making a range of wines from 2500 hectares of vines. That’s big by any standards, but this Jacob’s Creek of Russian wine does a pretty good job, aided by consultant winemaker John Worontschack.

Some food notes. Above, herring, onion and potato; below, sala, […]

I'm in a vineyard in Russia - a first for me


So, after an 0335 alarm call, two flights and a car journey, I’m in a vineyard region in Russia.

I’ve never been to Russia before. Over the next few days I’ll be visiting a number of wineries in a region with no official name. It’s probably best described as Russia’s Black Sea Coast.

Frank Duseigneur

My […]