Okanagan (4) Martins Lane

Shane Munn, Martins Lane

Martins Lane is a stunning high-end winery in the Okanagan Valley that focuses solely on making single-vineyard wines from Riesling and Pinot Noir from the north of the region. When I first visited the region in 2014, the winery was an enormous hole in the ground. It’s right next door to […]

Okanagan (3) Mission Hill with Ben Bryant

Mission Hill is possibly the most famous winery in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. It’s owned by Anthony von Mandl who made his money from the Mark Anthony Group. He purchased the property in 1981, and has gone on to transform it into one of the most impressive destination wineries in North America. Over this period, the […]

Okanagan (2) Time Winery

Time is an urban winery located in downtown Penticton, and it opened its doors in summer 2018. Previously, was located in Oliver in the south of the Okanagan, where it had 60 acres of vines in a beautiful setting. This setting appealed to the well-heeled Richter Bai when he was deciding where to put […]

Canada's Okanagan Valley hits London

High-end London department store Selfridges has just listed a bunch of wines from Canada’s Okanagan Valley. Chief buyer, Terry Threlfall, hails from British Columbia, so it’s nice to see him supporting his own crew. As someone who has spent a lot of time getting to know Canada’s wine regions, I think this is an exciting […]

Okanagan (1) Sage Hills and Keenan

Sage Hills is a relatively new Okanagan winery. The vineyard, beautifully situated on a lake-facing hill in Summerland, was purchased by Vancouver property developer Rick Thrussell in 2006. At the time, it was a rather run-down apricot farm that had been abandoned for a decade, and Rick planted 7 acres of vines on the site, […]

In the Okanagan: the impressive 50th Parallel Estate Winery

Matthew, Sheri-Lee and Curtis

When we arrived at 50 Parallel, owners Curtis Krouzel and Sheri-Lee Turner-Krouzel were waiting for us. They look like rock stars, and they have built an incredible winery in the far north of the Okanagan, not far from Kelowna, that rivals even the grandeur of Mission Hill. They are also tremendously […]

Okanagan: Culmina Family Estate Winery

Donald Triggs and Pascal Madevon (consulting winemaker, along with Alain Sutre)

Donald Triggs has been an important figure in the Canadian wine industry. A businessman with international experience, he partnered with Alan Jackson to form Niagara-based winery Jackson-Triggs in the early 1990s, and this became part of a larger company, Vincor International, with Triggs as […]

Visiting Okanagan Crush Pad: Haywire and Narrative

Owner Chris Coletta with winemaker Matt Dumayne

This is becoming one of the most exciting wineries in all of Canada. I first visited Okanagan Crush Pad back in 2014, and since then things have come on in leaps and bounds. In particular, the winemaking, under New Zealander Matt Dumayne, is confident, brave and spot-on, resulting […]

Tasting some top red wines from BC, Canada

Following on from the BC white and fizz tasting, here’s some top rosés and reds from BC, with a focus on the Okanagan Vally, as you might expect. There were some lovely wines here.

Blue Grouse Quill Rosé 2017 Vancouver Island
From the Cowichan Valley. Blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir. No malolactic fermentation. Crisp and focused […]

Tasting some top whites and sparkling wines from Canada's British Columbia

This was a really good tasting showcasing a spectrum of whites and bubbles from Canada’s British Columbia province. There’s a lot of very interesting wine coming from the region, and this selection includes bottles from the main wine region (the Okanagan Valley), plus the smaller Similkameen Valley and also the islands.

Bella Pet Nat Mariani 509 […]