New York State (13) Lamoreaux Landing, Finger Lakes

There have been vineyards on the site of what is now Lamoreaux Landing since 1947. It’s an estate of 750 acres on the eastern side of Seneca Lake, with 120 acres under vine in some 20 different blocks. We visited with owner Mark Wagner, who manages the vineyard, and Josh Wig, who is co-owner and looks […]

New York State (12) Silver Thread, Finger Lakes

The view from the tasting room over the Silver Thread vineyard

As a wine estate, Silver Thread is now 27 years old. The previous owner, Richard Figiel, bought the property on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake in 1977 and replanted with vinifera beginning in 1982.

Figiel was an organic enthusiast and for a while held […]

New York State (11) Red Newt, Finger Lakes

One of the leading wineries in the Finger Lakes, Red Newt is named after the eastern red spotted newt. It’s based on the east side of Seneca Lake in the hamlet of Hector.

Owner David Whiting tasting from barrel

David Whiting founded the winery in 1998 when he bought an old dairy farm with some land, […]

New York State (10) Bloomer Creek, Finger Lakes

Debra Bermingham

Kim Engle and Debra Bermingham are the people behind Bloomer Creek, which on this showing is producing some of the most compelling wines in the Finger Lakes. We visited with Debra, who as well as being a professional artist, was also once close to choosing mountaineering as a career.

The Bloomer Creek journey began […]

New York State (9) Dr Konstantin Frank, Finger Lakes

Dr Konstantin Frank is one of the most important figures in the development of the Finger Lakes wine region. His story is a remarkable one, too. He’s most famous now for being the key figure in getting people to plant Vitis vinifera varieties in the Finger Lakes.

Born in 1899 into a wealthy ethnic German family […]

New York State (8) Fox Run Vineyards, Finger Lakes

Fox Run Vineyards is one of the leading wineries in the Finger Lakes. Originally a dairy farm on Seneca Lake, the first vineyards were planted here in 1984. The current owner, Scott Osborn, purchased it along with another partner back in 1994, and it now has 50 acres of vineyards, with 19 of those planted […]

New York State (5) Glenora Cellars

Glenora is one of the wineries that was established as a result of the Farm Winery Act in 1976, which made running a winery a possibility for smaller operators.

Winemaking is in the hands of Steve di Francesco makes the wines here and also at Knapp, which is part of the same group. They also own […]

New York State (4) Fulkerson Winery

Steven Fulkerson

The Fulkerson family have quite a history. The name itself is uniquely American, but the family have dutch roots. They came to the USA in 1680 and helped establish new Amsterdam, owning a farm on what is now Manhattan.

We met with the engaging Steven Fulkerson. One of his ancestors, Caleb, fought in the […]

New York State (3) Hermann J Wiemer, Finger Lakes

Hermann J. Wiemer is one of the champions of Riesling in the Finger Lakes. He hailed from Bernkastel in Germany, where his father was the head of the agricultural research station. Hermann studied at Geisenheim and then left Germany while he was still in his 20s, emigrating to the USA and planting a Riesling vineyard […]

New York State (2) Ravines, Finger Lakes

My first visit in Finger Lakes was a good one. Ravines, located on Seneca Lake, is owned by Morten Hallgren. Morten was raised in Provence, where his family had a large château, and he was previously head winemaker with Konstantin Frank.

He began the current project when he bought 17 acres of land on Keuka Lake. […]