A beautiful, affordable natural wine

Natural wines are often expensive, but frequently worth it. Here’s one that’s fantastic, and affordable. I can’t find it on the Oddbins website, so it may be a case of scouring stores to locate bottles. But this is a wine worth hunting down, I reckon. One of my bargains of the year, especially at the [...]

Two delicious expressions of Cheverny

Cheverny is a little-known appellation in the Loire. Here are two contrasting wines. In the red corner, a wonderful natural-style wine that’s a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. In the white, a more accessible blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay (this is typical of the region’s whites, although Chenin and Arbois are also allowed).

Clos [...]

A wonderful evening at Terroirs

Spent the evening with Doug Wregg at Terroirs. It’s hard to imagine a better evening of food and wine: authentic, expressive and in good measure. It proved hard to draw myself away to catch the last train back home.

We dined well. Matje Herring, a bit like ceviche, was delicious, as were the clams with coriander [...]

Two natural Beaujolais

Two interesting expressions of Beaujolais, from a couple of the natural wine crowd. Beaujolais is a real hub of natural winemakers, many of whom were inspired by the late Jules Chauvet, widely recognized as the father of natural wine.

Jean-Claude Lapalu Brouilly 2007 Beaujolais
13% alcohol. A startling wine: fresh, spicy and a bit animal, with a [...]

Real time tasting of a natural wine

It’s Friday evening. After a cloudy, cool day we are being treated to a bright, warm-ish summer’s evening, and so I am sitting outside, glass in hand, blogging before I cook dinner.

One of the joys of the blog is that content can be of the moment. Unplanned; spontaneous. You get a pure communication, unfiltered and [...]

A remarkable natural Crozes Hermitage

This is one of the most drinkable wines in the universe. It’s a natural Crozes Hermitage made without any additions, and it’s simply beautiful. It’s not terribly profound, but it is joyful and has hints of seriousness. From natural wine legends Dard & Ribo.

RJ Dard & F Ribo ‘C’est le Printemps’ Crozes Hermitage 2009 Northern [...]

A wonderful Gravner lunch

I spent the morning filming undercover with the BBC (which was very exciting; I’ll tell you more when I can), before heading over to Aspinall’s on Curzon Street for an incredible lunch (see The Metro review), with a vertical of the wines of Josko Gravner, one of the world’s most interesting wine growers.

Aspinall’s is a [...]

Natural wines: what are they, exactly?

Spent a good portion of today at the Real Wine tasting convened by UK importer (of mainly natural wines) Les Caves de Pyrene. Rarely have I spent a day tasting such thrilling, diverse, intellectually challenging and soul-seducing bottles.

But what exactly are natural wines?

There’s no strict definition, and I’m not sure we should introduce one, or [...]

Cos Frappato at Terroirs, a nice end to a busy day

It has been a long day. It began with a Bernard Magrez tasting and lunch at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, which was very impressive (write up to follow). Then I went for a quick pint at the Coach and Horses with Douglas Blyde, Richard Siddle and Caspar Auchterlonie, before hot footing down to the Atlas, [...]