Nagano Region, Japan (16) a tasting of top Nagano wines

On the last day of my Nagano trip I was in Nagano city for an overview tasting. This invlolved some of the top Nagano wines. Most of the winemakers were present, and I was asked to taste the wines then share my opinions with everyone. This puts you on the spot a bit! Some nice […]

Nagano region, Japan (15) Domaine Hase/Hikaru Farm

We followed a tiny, icy road in the foot of the mountain, heading up to Hikaru Farm in Takayama Village. This is where Mitsuhiro Hase makes wine, with vineyards ranging from 800-850 m in altitude. He’s another graduate of Arc-en-Vigne, and the 6 hectare property has 4.2 hectares of vines. The rest of the property […]

Nagano region, Japan (14) Domaine Sogga/Obusé Winery

This was my second visit with a winery that I’d classify as Nagano’s best at the moment. Domaine Sogga, also known as Obusé Winery, is based in Obusé and is run by Akihiko Soga (just the one ‘g’ in his name, but two in the domaine’s).

Akihiko is fastidious, talented and experienced. The winery is an […]

Nagano region, Japan (13) Saint Cousair

We arrived at St Cousair just before sunset on a crisp winter’s day. This is a winery with a view, perched on the top of a hill. There’s an interesting story behind it, too. It was established in 1990 in Izuno village, at 630 m altitude.

Ryozo Kuze founded the winery. He was originally from Tokyo, […]

Nagano region, Japan (12) Takayashiro Farm

I visited Takayashiro Farm with the president of the company, Ko Takehada, and the winemaker Kenjiro Ikeda. It’s based in Nagano city. Ko Takehada previously worked for a subsidiary company of Suntory selling juice. After he got married he quit Suntory and moved to Nagano, selling liquor wholesale. In 1995 he started to grow all kinds […]