A serious Hungarian Chardonnay from Grof Buttler

I’m off to Hungary next week, so I thought this would be an appropriate time to blog about this rather stylish Hungarian Chardonnay. It’s from Grof Buttler, a producer I know little about, but which I’d like to know better. They are based in Eger, and their currently unreconstructed website is here.

Gróf Buttler Chardonnay 2009 […]

Video: tasting three Gewurztraminers

So, here’s a short film. I taste three different Gewurztraminers – from Alsace, Chile and Hungary – and talk about them.

A brief trip to Hungary

Just on my way home for a brief trip to Eger, in Hungary. I was attending a meeting organized by agrochemical company BASF for some of their most important (viticulture) customers in Hungary.

I left at some unearthly hour from Heathrow yesterday, arriving in Eger by lunchtime. The meeting room was incredibly flash, with multiple screens […]

Sweet wine season, 10: Royal Tokaji’s mythical Essencia

A mythical wine. So sweet it could hardly ferment at all, made from the free run juice from selected botrytized aszu berries. Drunk from a spoon, too.

The Royal Tokaji Company Essencia 2000 Tokaji, Hungary
2.9% alcohol, 620 g/litre residual sugar. Remarkable stuff, fermented and aged in glass jars for seven years, and not technically […]