Two from Tokaji star Disznókő, one dry, one sweet

Two wines from leading Tokaji producer Disznókő: one dry and one sweet.

Disznókő Tokaji Dry Furmint 2016 Tokaji, Hungary
12.5% alcohol. This is crisp, fresh and fruity with a nice stony edge to the lemon and pear fruit. Subtle herbal notes, too. It’s quite a stony, mineral wine with a light body and good acidity. A bit Chablis […]

Three lovely wines: Leflaive Pucelles, Wetzer Kekfrankos and Kopke white port 1935

These three lovely wines were brought round by guests. The best sort of guests. The Leflaive Pucelles was served blind, and in a stroke of lucky intuition, I guessed it as very fine white Burgundy, a Leflaive, and Pucelles. But I got the vintage wrong: I called it 2002. This sort of guesswork looks great […]

A truly remarkable 6 Puttonyos Tokaji from Dobogó

I made a great discovery tonight. I always love finding new wines that are amazing, like this 6 Puttonyos Tokaji. Dobogó is a small producer in Tokaji, Hungary, with 5 hectares of biodynamically tended vines, and they export 60% of their production. This wine was just thrilling.

Dobogó Tokaji Aszu 6 Puttonyos 2006 Hungary
Amazingly complex nose […]

In Canada, Monday evening with some diverse wines

After a full day of tasting, and the fabulous helicopter ride, it was time for beer. So Bill Zacharkiw and John Szabo, my partners in crime (PICs), ended up in an English-style pub in Niagara-on-the-Lake, along with Magdalena Kaiser-Smit of Wine Country Ontario. It’s called The Olde Angel Inn, and as well as English beers […]

A superbly focused, fresh Kekfrankos from Wetzer

I just love this wine. It’s not expensive (early teens in GBP), but it delivers complexity, precision, freshness and vitality. There are two streams in Hungarian red wine it seems: big, very ripe, oaky wines (such as many of the Merlots and Cabernet Francs from Villany) and then fresher, more precise, balanced wines (such as […]

A Christmas treat - a remarkable Tokaji

I can’t think of many wines more appropriate for this festive season that this little beauty. It’s a Tokaji, from the wonderful Disznókő estate. Lovely complexity, with a bit of evolution, and lots of detail in the flavours. It was a warm year, but the region was less affected than many in Europe, and harvest […]

Selfie wine tasting video 1 - Tokaji Eszencia four times!

I thought it might be quite fun to do some ‘selfie’ videos of wine tasting, taken on my camera phone, in situ.

Here I taste Tokaji Eszencia, a remarkable, intensely sweet wine made from the free run juice from aszu berries. It’s very low in alcohol, amazingly high in sugar, and rare and very expensive.

This is […]

Tokaji in Tokaj, the film

Here’s the film from my visit to Tokaj, featuring Disznoko, Lazlo Meszaros the Director of Disznoko, and the wonderful Aszu berries being harvested one at a time.

Some more pictures from Tokaj

Just back from my lightning trip to Tokaj. I enjoyed it a great deal, and learned a lot. I thought I knew a little about Tokaji (the wine), but visiting and seeing the grapes as they are ready for harvesting, tasting the wines, and seeing how they are put together exposed just how little I […]

On the road in Tokaj, Hungary

It fills me with a sense of childish excitement when I visit a new wine region. I’ve said it before, and likely I will say it again, that it is when you visit a region that the penny drops: all the book learning and knowledge of the wines falls into place, and you begin to […]