At Noble Rot with the IPOB crowd, drinking Raveneau and Chave

Jamie Kutch

On Tuesday evening I was back to Noble Rot, for dinner with the In Pursuit of Balance crowd: Raj Parr, Jamie Kutch, Jasmine Hirsch, Steve Matthiason, Mark Andrew and Totte Steneby. We ate and drank really well, beginning with the excellent Hambledon sparkler (one of England’s finest), and progressing from there.

Steve and […]

Northern Rhone series 2, Chapoutier Chante Alouette Hermitage Blanc 2007

Continuing my exploration of the Northern Rhone, wine number two is also a white Hermitage. It may seem an odd choice. Shouldn’t I have gone to Syrah? But I want to make a point. White Hermitage is serious stuff, but it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

M Chapoutier Chante-Alouette Hermitage Blanc 2007
Beautifully aromatic, this is […]

Northern Rhone series 1, Cave de Tain Hermitage Blanc Au Coeur des Siecles 2007

I have decided to start a short series of posts on the wines of the northern Rhone, a splendid and unique place for growing wine grapes.

Not only is it the home of Syrah, but it also makes great whites, primarily from Marsanne, with some Roussanne also. And that’s not forgetting Viognier, which also has its […]

Sweet wine season, 7: Chaupotier Hermitage Vin de Paille 1995

This is quite serious. It’s a sweet white wine made from the Marsanne variety, picked ripe, sorted and then dried on straw mats for two months. The must typically has 350 g/l sugar, and after fermentation it’s pretty sweet, at about the same level as a regular Sauternes, with 100 g/l residual sugar. The wines […]