FLXcursion International Riesling Expo (3) Getting Deep

This session looked at Rieslings produced on deeper, heavier soils, comparing (in some cases) wines made on shallower soils with those from deeper ones. It was full of interest.

First, a pair of WeilThese adjacent vineyards are derived from the same mother rock, metamorphosed slate with thin bands of mica. Turmberg is the steeper slope with […]

FLXcursion International Riesling Expo (2) Contact track

Continuing my reports from the FLXcursion in the Finger Lakes, this is a write-up of a tasting focusing on élevage: the way that winemaking can change the expression of Riesling. Typically, Riesling is fermented in tank, and stays there for 6 months to a year. But increasingly, winemakers are experimenting with vessels other than tanks, […]

FLXcursion International Riesling Expo (1) Wrong side of the track

Last week I was really happy to attend the first FKXcursion in the Finger Lakes of New York State. The full title of this three-day event was the Finger Lakes International Riesling Expo, and because the annual Riesling Rendezvous wasn’t happening in 2019, they filled in this gap in the calendar, bringing Riesling lovers to […]

New York State (13) Lamoreaux Landing, Finger Lakes

There have been vineyards on the site of what is now Lamoreaux Landing since 1947. It’s an estate of 750 acres on the eastern side of Seneca Lake, with 120 acres under vine in some 20 different blocks. We visited with owner Mark Wagner, who manages the vineyard, and Josh Wig, who is co-owner and looks […]

Video: the Finger Lakes Wine Region

I’m just back from a trip visiting the wine regions of New York State. Here’s a short film giving you an idea of what the Finger Lakes, the largest of the wine regions here, looks like.

Over the next week or so I’ll be writing up the visits in full detail, explaining a bit about the […]

Influence Wines Riesling 2012 Finger Lakes

This is the first wine I have tried from the Finger Lakes region in New York  State. They are a network of long, finger-like lakes just south of Lake Ontario, and presumably with a fairly similar climate to the Niagara region just a little to the east over the border in Canada.

It’s a Riesling made […]