Wine closures in the The Wall Street Journal

Coincidentally, the day after I returned from Planet Zebulon, where I’d been visiting Nomacorc’s headquarters, The Wall Street Journal ran a feature on the way synthetic corks and screwcaps have taken market share away from natural cork, focusing strongly on Nomacorc. You can read it here.

The article is pretty comprehensive, and contains an interesting graphic […]

Greetings from Planet Zebulon!

Nomacorc is based in the wonderfully named town of Zebulon, which sounds like something from a Flash Gordon movie. I spent the day here yesterday, visiting Nomacorc’s headquarters. I have just a few minutes to blog, so I won’t go into any great detail, other to say that it’s a big operation, with 10 extrusion […]

Closures for fine wines

Just finished my next Gros Lees column for The World of Fine Wine. It’s on the subject of wine bottle closures, but this time I’m focusing solely on fine wine.

I won’t steal the thunder from the piece, but I will just mention one of the points I make, which is that the perspective you have […]