Natural Chenin and Queijo de Serra da Estrela - yum!

Wine and cheese. Not always a great match, but here’s a combination that worked well. Queijo de Serra da Estrela is a fantastic cheese from Portugal. It’s made in the Beiras region, on the border with the Dao wine region, from sheep’s milk. The sheep are farmed on the foothills of the Serra da Estrela […]

Intense flavours: cheese and beer

Two intense, non-wine flavours this evening. [I love flavour, in general.]

The first: a cheese. It’s a Caerphilly from Neal’s Yard (Gorwydd, Wales). Tangy, slightly sour and bitter, but also creamy and rich. Lovely intensity, without being in any way overpowering. Slightly crumbly, dry texture.

The second: a beer. Bew Dog’s Punk IPA (£1.40 from Tesco). It’s […]

A lovely wine dinner: Dom P, Jamet, Vieux Telegraphe, Conseillante

Went over to my sister’s last night for a spot of dinner. Brother-in-law William is a wine nut, so we had a few nice bottles open.

First off, Dom Perignon 2002. It’s rich for a Dom P, but quite lovely and elegant. This was contrasted with a more evolved Drappier Grand Sendree 1999. Then we moved […]

Upcoming London Gastronomy Seminar: Cheddar Cheese

Just in case you’ve missed the various announcements, I wanted to draw the attention of readers to the next of the London Gastronomy Seminars. It’s this Friday, at the usual venue (Senate House, University of London), and the speakers are Randolph Hodgson and Bronwen Percival.

In many ways, the modern cheesemaker has a less sophisticated understanding […]