Why private label/own brand is bad for wine

There are few absolutes in the world of wine. The words ‘sometimes’, or ‘often’, or ‘may be’ usually need to be appended to statements such as the title of this post. With that said, onto the thorny subject of own or private label wines.

Private label is on the rise. Increasingly, supermarkets are filling their shelves […]

The race to the bottom

An observation. Not backed by firm data, admittedly, but an observation of a trend in the UK’s wine market. There seems to be a race to the bottom, and it’s not good for wine, or wine producers.

First, let’s clarify: in our discussion we need to segment the marketplace appropriately. Fine wine is doing well. Interesting […]

The Mirabeau YouTube miracle

Wine videos on YouTube don’t usually get all that many views. Mine occasionally go into four figures (unless it’s about labradoodles, where I can hit six!), but some recognized wine journos regularly fail to get to 100.

It’s everyone’s dream, of course, that their video will go viral. For Stephen Cronk, of Provence producer Mirabeau, the dream […]

Free e-book on grape varieties

This is interesting. It’s a free e-book on grape varieties from Kym Anderson, a wine economist at the University of Adelaide. It is packed full of statistics, and represents and amazing resource. This will be incredibly useful for writers and students of wines. You can access it here.

Are flavoured wines a good thing, or completely evil?

Are flavoured wines the solution at the bottom end of the market?

Victoria Moore’s wine column focused this week on the phenomenon of flavoured wines. Apparently, they are on the rise. The French are falling for grapefruit-flavoured rosés and passionfruit-flavoured whites, and someone has just launched a red wine flavoured with cola. It has sparked quite […]