Bordeaux pricing is actually all about sex

Let’s talk about the pricing of top Bordeaux wines.

It’s the subject of intense current discussion, but I think there’s some misunderstanding here. We’re not just talking about the price of wine. At the high end, it’s rather more than this: it’s a discussion about sex.

High-end fine wines are an example of a Veblen good. Named […]

More on the loss-leading £4 Southbank Kiwi Sauvignon

A few days ago I posted on the £4 Southbank Estate Marlborough Sauvignon, and how this sort of price cutting was potentially damaging for brand New Zealand, even if it is a great deal for consumers.

I spoke to Elizabeth Ferguson at Southbank Estate’s UK agent Mentzendorff to find out the background to this story. Asda warned […]