Henry Jeffreys on wine book publishing (guest post)

I rarely permit guest posts, but here’s one from Henry Jeffreys, because he asked nicely, and I like his writing. It’s about wine book publishing and how it has changed of late, largely from a UK perspective:

I have a bit of thing about old wine books. I can’t resist picking them up no matter how […]

Introducing my new book, Wine Science, with a short video

Here’s a short video in which I introduce my new book, Wine Science/The Science of Wine

The UK version is available now; The US version will be available in April.

To buy from amazon.co.uk: Wine Science: The Application of Science in Winemaking

To buy from amazon.com: The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass

If Amazon doesn’t […]

Book review: The Great Domaines of Burgundy

The Great Domaines of Burgundy, by Remington Norman and Charles Taylor.

This is a revision of Remington Norman’s classic work on Burgundy, first published in 1992, and then revised in 1996, with Charles Taylor added as an author. It’s a brilliant book, and pretty much a compulsory purchase for any Burgundy nut. The bulk of […]