Eisenberg, Austria: home to elegant Blaufränkisch

Christoph Wächter

I met up with Christoph Wachter, who heads up the Eisenberg DAC group, to taste some wines from the region. The focus of the tasting was on a new initiative: the designation of villages within the broader Eisenberg DAC.

Eisenberg is part of Burgenland, in the south of Austria, and there are 515 ha […]

Four Austrian reds from Leithaberg DAC

Austrian reds rock. That is, when they don’t pick them too late and dick around with too much oak. And, these days, after a period of excess, generally they don’t. Which is great news for lovers of interesting wine.

Leithaberg DAC (here)  is part of Burgenland in Austria. It was created in 2008 (for whites) and […]

Three lovely wines: Leflaive Pucelles, Wetzer Kekfrankos and Kopke white port 1935

These three lovely wines were brought round by guests. The best sort of guests. The Leflaive Pucelles was served blind, and in a stroke of lucky intuition, I guessed it as very fine white Burgundy, a Leflaive, and Pucelles. But I got the vintage wrong: I called it 2002. This sort of guesswork looks great […]

Liebkind, a truly great Blaufränkisch

Last year Robert Parker had a little rant about things he doesn’t like in the wine world. It was quite funny, but also – in my opinion – misguided. In it he dismissed Blaufränkisch (including with it Savagnin and Trousseau and a host of other varieties) as being ‘godforsaken’. Yes, really!  He may have been reviewing […]

Vagabond, Drakes Tabanco and the Draft House, a great night out

London is an interesting place for food and drink these days. Last night I went out with buddy Daniel Primack of Around Wine to have some fun in Charlotte Street, taking in three establishments that represent the best of London’s new gastro/booze scene.

We started of at Vagabond (pictured above), which I reckon represents the future […]

A brilliant, affordable Austrian red

Here’s a really nice Austrian red at a great price. Just the sort of wine I love to drink. It has personality and freshness.

Pittnauer ‘Pitti’ 2011 Burgenland, Austria
A blend of Zweigelt and Blaufrankisch, 13.5% alcohol. Lovely ripe, vivid blackberry and blackcurrant fruit with some floral, spicy, meaty interest. It’s a lovely fresh, robust red wine with pure […]

Kirnbauer Blaufrankisch Classic 2009 - I really like Austrian reds

Now when the Austrians can prevent themselves from adding too much oak or going for too much extraction and ripeness, they make some lovely red wines. This is a Blaufrankisch, a grape variety that performs really well in the Burgenland region. Delicious stuff.

Kirnbauer Blaufrankisch Classic 2009 Mittburgenland, Austria
13% alcohol. Fresh with lovely raspberry and blackberry […]