The wines of François Lurton

François Lurton

It was great to meet and taste with François Lurton. His father, Andre Lurton, is a very important figure in Bordeaux. Lurton senior, who owns Château Bonnet, was active in establishing the Entre-Deux-Mers appellation and helping improve the quality of the affordable white Bordeaux wines that come from here. The family also own […]

In Argentina (2) visiting Costa y Pampa, a winery in a new viticultural region

It’s not often you get to visit a vineyard that’s the first in a new viticultural region. But that’s what Costa y Pampa, Trapiche’s latest project, is.


I visited on a sunny summer’s day, flying into the resort town of Mar del Plata and then driving along the coast for about an hour.

The Estancia

The region […]

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Terroirs 2016

I had a night off in Buenos Aires after a long day trip to Mar del Plata. So I bought a bottle of this. It proved to be a good companion, as I sat working. I really like the balance and style, and after my recent good experience with their less expensive ‘Clasic’, I think […]

In Argentina (1) visiting the El Esteco winery in Cafayate

There’s something different about Argentina’s Calchaqui Valley. It’s the most northerly of the wine regions in Argentina, and it’s the highest. The light is a little clearer – startling, even. And the air has a certain quality. It feels remote, and even a bit frontier-like here. Cafayate itself is a small town, with a large […]

My top wines from the Argentina Wine Awards

I’ve just finished writing up the notes from judging the Argentine Wine Awards in Mendoza last month. These are my personal notes and scores on the wines I liked the best out of those that I tried (I’m guessing just over a quarter of the entered wines, because we were split into four teams of […]

Judging the Wines of Argentina Awards 2017

The judges and trophy winners

For the last week I have been in Mendoza, Argentina. This is the heart of Argentina’s wine industry, and it is by far the largest region, with 156 000 hectares of vines, which constitutes 75% of the country’s vineyard area. This is a lot: it’s about the same as the […]

Dinner at Edy's with some great people and wines, including some Argentine stars

Edy del Popolo

Had a lovely dinner last night at Edy del Popolo’s place, along with Sebastien Zuccardi (winemaker), Paz Levinson (sommelier), David Bonomi (winemaker and partner of Edy in Per Se) and Andres Rosberg (sommelier). They opened a lot of very good bottles, including some very serious Argentine wines.

David Bonomi

Andres Rosberg

Paz […]

Visiting the stunning monastery vineyard in Gualtallary, Mendoza, Argentina


Edgardo and Paz

Edgardo (Edy) del Popolo and Davi Bonomi took Paz Levinson and I out to see their Monasterio vineyard, high in Gualtallary, in the Uco Valley. Here, at 1500 metres on the ridge of a hill there are some amazing soils, with a very high proportion of active limestone. It’s this combination of […]

Visiting the CARO winery in Mendoza, Argentina

CARO is the joint project between Eric de Rothschild (Lafite) and Nicolas Catena. Lafite had already begun a joint venture in Chile (Los Vascos) when Baron Eric met Nicolas, and he was quite surprised by the quality of the Catena wines. The two decided to start a joint venture – these were all the rage […]

Some lovely high-end wines from Catena, Argentina

By a stroke of coincidence, while I was in Victoria (Vancouver Island, not Australia)  today I got to try through this set of wines from Argentina star winery Catena, presented by Catena’s Andrea Nuñez and Daniel Stiefvater of Trialto (the company that brings them into this part of Canada). I was impressed, especially by the […]