Casa Marin Miramar Vineyard Syrah, Chilean elegance

This is quite a remarkable wine. It’s also quite challenging, with really bold, edgy flavours. But brave winemaking like this – and, in particular, the decision to pick early, has to be rewarded. I reckon it’s one of Chile’s most interesting Syrahs, up there with the likes of Matetic and Vina Leyda – which, incidentally, come from the same cool-climate part of the country, San Antonio/Leyda Valley.

Casa Marin Miramar Vineyard Syrah 2009 San Antonio Valley, Chile
12% alcohol. Distinctive, fresh and lively with notes of tar, olice, spice and herbs as well as black cherry and plum fruit. Fresh with a menthol/mint edge as well as a hint of medicine. On day two it opens up a bit and the fruit is released a little. A distinctive, fresh, savoury style of Syrah. 92/100

UK agent: Mentzendorff

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