The smashable Juvé & Camps Pinot Noir Brut Rosé

juve y camps

I would love Cava to become more popular and for producers to make a good return on their hard work. But too few Cavas have the easy drinkability and purity that would make them more enjoyable. There are some highlights though, and  Juvé & Camps is one of them. This pink Cava is just lovely and massively smashable.

Juvé & Camps Pinot Noir Brut Rosé NV Cava, Spain
12% alcohol. Full pink/red in colour, this vividly coloured pink fizz shows lovely pure fruit: cherries, crabberries, rosehip syrup. There’s also a bit of pear and grape richness. I love the fruity purity. This is just so drinkable. 89/100 (£14.50 Amazon, Excel Wines, Noble Wines)

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