Some nice food here in Catalunya

So, I have been eating quite well over the last couple of days.

Dinner on Tuesday evening was at Cal Ton in Vilafranca ( Not flashy, but just very good. Started off with a really deliciously executed warm octopus salad, and then had salt cod done three ways.

A quick lunch yesterday at El Moli del Mallol in Montblanc ( was superb. I started off with some sauteed beans with black sausage that was rich without being heavy. And then a really creative dish: pigs trotters with blood sausage rolled up in filo pastry and served over a bed of snails. Wonderful.

And last night: a relaxed dinner at Vinoteca Torres in Barcelona ( Driving into town at 9 pm you sense there’s a brooding but relaxed energy about the city. Stuff is about to happen. A surprising number of young couples on mopeds: him on the front, her on the back, although I did see one role reversal. Wearing light clothes, flipflops, and a helmet.

We ate some very good small plates, including the obligatory but fabulous jamon iberico and a really nice salt cod.

2 comments to Some nice food here in Catalunya

  • I love Catalan food and have eaten in Cal Ton. Cal Xim is a particular favourite, outside Villafranca in the little village of Sant Pau d’Ordal.
    Wish I was there, especially with this miserable weather here in the SW Ireland.

  • Simon T

    Echo that Mary – look at that salt cod. Its come from a nice sized fish !

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