Ojuel Supurao, a remarkable, traditional, sweet red Rioja

ojuel supurao

Website: http://ojuelwine.com

This is something quite unique. It’s a sweet red wine from Rioja, made by Ojuel, a small winery whose focus is on making an old-style sweet wine from dried grapes which has all but disappeared from the region.

In the past, before the industrialization of winemaking in the region, people would typically roam the vineyard before harvest, picking the best grapes and storing them at the top of their houses all winter, in well ventilated conditions, to raisin.

Then they’d press them, to make a sweet wine with about 10 degrees of alcohol, called Supurao. The wines would take months to ferment in some cases. In some cases the wine would be made as a community venture.

This wine is made by selecting the best Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes, hanging them to dry for three months, and then selecting again before fermentation. This takes 50 days. The wine is then racked and bottled after several months.

Miguel Martinez is the man behind the Ojuel project, and his first vintage was in 2010.

Ojuel Supurao Vino de Uvas Pasificadas NV Rioja, Spain
9.5% alcohol. Pale cherry red in colour. Sweet cherry and spice nose with subtle herby notes. The palate is textured, fresh and sweet, showing good balance and a spicy edge to the sweet cherry, quince and raspberry fruit. Pure, textured and very sweet in the mouth with lovely depth and plenty of complexity. 93/100

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