Having some fun with new wave Spanish whites

I’ve been enjoying a good run of Spanish whites of late.

Of course, Spain is best known for its reds. Increasingly, though, the whites have begun to impress. Here are a couple from The Wine Society with lots of interest, following on from the excellent Verd Albera I blogged on a few days ago.

Tomàs Cusiné Auzells 2010 Costers del Segre, Spain
12.5% alcohol. 41% Macabeu, 18% Chardonnay, 16% Sauvignon Blanc, 10 Müller Thurgau, 10% Albariño, 3% Riesling, 2% Moscatel. Very fresh, fruity and precise with bright grapefruit and herb notes. Nice pithy fruit on the palate with real presence. This is intense, crisp, balanced and bright. Very impressive. 90/100 (£10.50 The Wine Society) 07/11

Gaba do Xil Godello 2010 Valdeorras, Spain
13.5% alcohol. Made by celebrity winemaker Telmo Rodriguez, this comes from eastern Galicia, which means it’s the bit furthest from the sea, and thus a bit warmer. This is a fresh, fruit-driven white with nice intensity of pear and citrus fruit, some waxy hints and a bit of pear drop character. Very fruity and quite long. 89/100 (£9.25 The Wine Society) 07/11

4 comments to Having some fun with new wave Spanish whites

  • Definitely agree on the Gaba do Xil. At the price it’s a delicious everyday wine (~12EUR here in Poland).
    I’ve had the Auzells in the 2008 vintage and it was quite oaky. From your note, I gather they adjusted the style slightly. However I wonder how much handicapped the wine is by the crazy blend. 10% Muller-Thurgau? Surely that isn’t a very qualitative ingredient here.

  • I suspect it’s in the blend because it needed a home

  • Alex Lake

    How dry is this? And here I mean the layman’s definition of dry (one often comes across wines that are technically dry, but taste off-dry due to the fruit).

  • @Jamie: exactly waht I meant. Surely when making a really serious wines you don’t blend in whatever grape knocks to your door?

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