The Mount Abora Saffraan Cinsault: bright and luminous

mount abora saffraan

This was a delicious and smashable wine, and it didn’t cost very much. It’s a naturally made Swartland Cinsault, and on the back label it says, ‘this wine harks back to the times of bright and luminous wines.’ Indeed, this is bright and luminous. [By way of interest, here’s my note on the previous vintage.]

Mount Abora Saffraan Cinsault 2015 Swartland, South Africa
12% alcohol. Aromatic and floral with lovely red cherries and raspberries, as well as hints of tar, herbs and spices. The palate is supple and juicy with lovely red fruits and a bright, fresh, spicy personality. Nice acidity, floral fruit and fine spicy structure make this utterly smash able, and I quite like the faintly rustic hints, too. 92/100

Here’s a video of me tasting it:

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