On my way to South Africa

So I’m off to South Africa.

As I type, I’m sitting in the Star Alliance lounge, and it feels a bit naughty because I’m actually flying economy class.

It’s just that I fly so often, my Kris Air Gold Elite status gets me into business class lounges, and lets me jump the queue at check-in. I’ll still have to slum it in row 65, but will have been pre-mellowed by a few glasses of half-decent wine and a bit of a feed.

I’m also going to have a pre-flight shower. This will mean I’m a bit less grimy when I hit the road in the morning. Little things like this make the difference.

The reason for the visit? I’m giving a couple of talks at the Sauvignon Blanc Interest Group seminar on Thursday. I think they were short of international visitors, so they used me! Anyway, it looks like being a really good meeting, and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I’ll be visiting some of the cooler-climate regions that I’ve not been to before. I’m really looking forward to it.

Now I must write my talks. One is on Sauvignon Blanc around the world (I’ve selected 12 fine examples to taste blind), and the other is on oxygen and closures, as they relate to Sauvignon. Think geeky. Think very geeky.

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