The Kalfu Sumpai wines from Chile


Kalfu is a new series of nine wines from innovative large Chilean producer Vina Ventisquero. They haven’t been released yet, but I got to try two of them. The Sauvignon in particular is of great interest. It’s an edgy wine, not a perfect one, but it shows the potential of Chile’s most northerly vineyard area, Huasco, in the Attacama desert. It’s so cool to see that Chile is starting to become a bit more interesting at the high end.

Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Huasco Valley, Chile
13% alcohol. So fresh and bright with a chalky, mineral, green pepper, tomato leaf nose. The palate is textured and pure with lovely green notes. Very chalky with some sweeter tropical notes and a nice texture. There’s a lot of green methoxypyrazine character here, but it’s a soft-textured greenness that really works. 91/100

Kalfu Sumpai Pinot Noir 2013 Leyda Valley, Chile
13.5% alcohol. Ripe, sweet, slightly spicy nose with cherries and a hint of vanilla, as well as some cola notes. The supple, sweet palate is bright with hints of chocolate and cedar under the sweet cherry and plum fruit. Supple and quite elegant, and needs time to resolve into harmony. 90/100

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