Spier Creative Block Sauvignon Blanc

If you like your Sauvignon Blancs big, aromatic, and in your face, this could be just the wine for you. I was impressed by it. I find South African Sauvignon  Blanc a bit hit and miss, because many winemakers there seem to be obsessed with getting as much methoxypyrazine (the chemical in slightly unripe grapes that gives them a green, herbal character) into the wines as possible. This one is a hit.

Spier Creative Block Sauvignon Blanc 2009 Coastal Region, South Africa
14% alcohol. Amazingly intense, with an aromatic nose showing passion fruit, herbs, grapefruit and gooseberries. The palate is an explosion of flavour: richly fruited, with notes of tangerine and grapefruit, as well as savoury green pepper notes. Exciting and mouthfilling. 90/100 (£11.99 sawinesonline.co.uk)

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