Shobbrook Giallo, a remarkable Sauvignon from Australia

shobbrook giallo sauvignon blanc

This is an unbelievably good wine. I love it.

It’s Tom Shobbrook’s Giallo. A Sauvignon Blanc, but made naturally, with some skin contact. And fabulously packaged, too.

‘The Sauvignon is fermented on skins for about 6 weeks or until I get the structure I want,’ says Tom. ‘Then it’s pressed and put into casks. It’s bottled 9 months later or when bottles and corks have arrived.’

Shobbrook Wines Giallo 2011 Australia
11% alcohol. Amazing stuff. yellow/gold colour. Lovely crisp, precise palate combines grapefruit and citrus notes with ripe canteloup melon and grapey sweetness, as well as some spicy bite. But it’s actually bone dry – there’s just a perception of sweetness from the fruitiness. Great balance here for a skin contact white, with no heaviness or aggressive tannins. So fine, expressive and amazingly easy to drink. Complex, beguiling and vital. 94/100

UK agent for this wine is Les Caves de Pyrene; there are two agencies in the UK but they don’t share the same wine.

Here’s a video of me tasting this wine:

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7 comments to Shobbrook Giallo, a remarkable Sauvignon from Australia

  • AS I don’t think it possible to make an SB that I can really get excited about, like yes, excited NO, I will try and source this. I generally do NOT like Orange wine or Natural wine but I am willing to give it a go after watching that reaction. Keep up the good work, I really couldn’t get into the job you guys do having to taste so many styles.

  • jason carey DWS

    Jamie, you gotta get back to California/Oregon to see what some people here are doing with Natural whites. I know some folks who make a Skin Contact Rousanne that is amazing..

  • James Millton

    Drank Toms Giallo during harvest this year. Very inspiring and unique taste. Lovel. Made a skin fernent Gewurzt ourselves this year which is intriging Hoping to visit him next week in South Australia, if he’s back from Europe.

  • Bob Parsons

    I too could get excited with this wine by the sounds of it!


  • Doug

    If you think that’s a beaut try the 2012. Very yummy. (techo-winespeak)

  • Paul

    Tried the 2011 yesterday, beautiful wine, all grapefruit and elderflower, it was singing in the glass

  • David

    totally agree Jamie, remarkable wine. According to Tom, the wine actually spent some time under flor which developed naturally in the cask. Intriguing!

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