Sipp Mack Riesling Tradition 2009 Alsace

sipp mack riesling 2009

A real-time tasting note on this wine, which is in my glass now. It’s an older Alsace Riesling. From a very warm vintage, this is a dry-styled Riesling from Sipp-Mack. Sealed with a screw cap, this is fresher and brighter than I was expecting. It’s a really nice wine.

Sipp-Mack Riesling Tradition 2009 Alsace, France
13% alcohol. Aromatic and bright this has lovely flavours of smoked lemons, grapefruit, pear and ripe apple. It’s dry, juicy and focused with a hint of toast, but the dominant flavour is lively lemon fruit. There’s a crystalline quality to the fruit, and a bit of grip alongside the pretty grapefruit and apricot hints. There’s a lovely linear core to this wine, as well as a faint creamy hint. It repays attention. I’d never guess this as seven year old Alsace Riesling. A nice surprise. 91/100

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