A lovely Mosel Riesling from Max Ferd Richter

This lovely Mosel Riesling deserves a plug. From a vineyard I’ve never heard of before.

Max Ferd Richter Veldenzer Elisenburg Riesling Kabinett 2011 Mosel, Germany
10% alcohol. From grey slate and quartz soils, and a cool microclimate. Complex, precise and lively with lovely sweetness balancing the minerally acidity. Spicy and crisp with grapefruit, lychee and apricot, as well as some pears. Nicely delicate. 91/100 (£13.99 Laithwaites)

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  • Jim Thacker

    I met Dr. Richter last summer when he made a stop in Ohio in the U.S. Richter is the sole owner of that vineyard, and that’s why you don’t see it elsewhere. I really liked the 2009 as well – and bought some of each.

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