Two Chateauneufs: Beaucastel 99 and Vieux Telegraphe 95

Nice to be able to compare these two side by side. The Beaucastel had the slight edge, although it’s not a competition of course. The VT 1995 is a wine that I’ve drunk on several occasions over recent years, and it’s probably worth drinking it up soon-ish. However, taste in old wine is quite a personal thing. Some like their older wines really old.

Château de Beaucastel 1999 Châteauneuf-du- Pape
A complex Châteauneuf of real interest with notes of spice, earth, molasses and bitter cherry, as well as a hint of animal. Rich, meaty, spicy and grippy with some dark liquorice character. Stylish and lively. 93/100

Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe 1995 Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Sweet autumnal flavours here: meaty, spicy and savoury with some herby, slightly green notes as well as sweet plum and cherry fruit. Nice complexity, but still tannic and beginning to dry a little. 92/100

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  • Kwispedoor

    Hi, Jamie. Referring to an old article that you wrote on brett (where Beaucastel featured prominently): was was there any of it detectable here, or wasn’t it an issue?

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