We should be drinking more Port!

End of a long day, completed with a glass of Port. We should drink more Port – it often gets forgotten, or relegated to the end of a long evening or meal.

I opened this bottle last night, watching The Godfather, for the first time since 1999.

It’s Churchill Quinta de Gricha Vintage Port 1999, and it’s drinking perfectly now. Spicy, quite dense, rich and with a hint of mintiness. It still has ripe fruit and good structure, but there’s some earthy, spicy complexity too.

There’s something wonderfully rebellious about Port: it’s sweet, and high in alcohol. But it’s delicious.

4 comments to We should be drinking more Port!

  • Outstanding message, Jamie. I am fully with you and support this message.

    (Sitting here Sunday evening with an extremely nice glass of Niepoort Colheita 1988.

    Grande abraco


  • Funny you should say that brought a vintage port to a tasting and it was Corked BAHHH! Corked on the nose for sure but on the palate the sweetness almost masked it lol

  • I also need to point out that this 1999 was the first vintage of the Gricha single-quinta Port.

    Axel, enjoy the colheita.

  • Jamie, quite tough not to enjoy this.

    Hope we will have a good glass of port together in the near future.



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