Video: mechanical/robotic foot treading for Port

In this short film, Paul Symington describes the way his company have pioneered the use of mechanical foottreaders (also known as robotic lagares) for Port production. It’s not straighforward: Port needs a rapid but relatively gentle extraction, and the human foot is especially good at this.

2 comments to Video: mechanical/robotic foot treading for Port

  • Hello Mr. Goode,

    I work for the US importer of Symington Family Wines. This video is very well done and extremely educational. I was wondering if you would be willing to send us a copy. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the Douro.

    Thank You,
    Louis Charton

  • Louis, you can embed the youtube video on your own site if you wish. Would this work for you? The original file is quite big, but I can send this if necessary by ftp.

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