Organic in the Douro: Terra Prima and Altano

Organic viticulture in the Douro is not all that common. However, things may be changing. Two organic wines that have recently reached the marketplace are Symingtons Organic version of Altano, and Fonseca’s Terra Prima organic Port.

They’re both quite delicious. The organic Altano is a significant step up from the other Altano wines, with nice density, a bit of grippy structure and fresh plummy fruit. It’s not a heavy wine, but it  has some stuffing, and tastes of the Douro, which is a good thing. It’s priced £9.99 from Majestic.

The Terra Prima is a really good Port, with lovely dense fruit. It’s high quality, with real purity to the sweet fruit and a bit of tannic structure. Well worth the asking price of around £16 – available in Waitrose.

2 comments to Organic in the Douro: Terra Prima and Altano

  • Trevor Morris

    I agree the Altana Organico is very nice (TWS have it cheaper than the price you give for Majestic for the 2007). Another Portuguese wine from TWS is Casa de Saima. For £8.50 it is really very good value and a simlar quality to the Altano. I’d love to see more Portuguese wines of this sort of style and quality around.

  • Yes – Casa de Saima is really nice – I actually bought some!

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