More pictures from the Douro

Quinta dos Canais

Just back from the Douro, on a trip visiting the Symington family’s properties. It’s always good to be in the Douro, and especially so at harvest time. It hasn’t been the easiest of growing seasons, but good weather over the last few weeks coupled with good weather over the next few (which is vital in this region) should lead to a really good vintage. The first grapes were coming in as I visited and they looked very healthy, and had excellent analytical parameters.

Touriga Francisca at Quinta de Roriz

Quinta da Cavadinha, in the Pinhao Valley

An old Port pipe in the Graham's lodge, Gaia

Rack and return in process

Schist, the soil of the Douro

Quinta dos Canais

Touriga Nacional at Quinta de Roriz

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