More fun in Portugal, and the Portuguese Cloudy Bay

We’ve had some fun this week. On Wednesday, all three families spent the afternoon on boats. The adults went out on a 53 ft Sunseeker, while the kids were on a speedboat. And when we moored up we had the speedboat tow us at extreme speed in rubber rings. There’s something so liberating about jumping from a boat into deep water.

This was preceded by a really nice lunch on the waterfront at the Vilamoura marina. This included one of the vinous discoveries of the holiday: Portugal’s Cloudy Bay. It’s the Tres Bagos Sauvignon Blanc 2012, from Lavradores de Feitoria in the Douro. I’ve had this wine before in previous vintages, but the 2012 really is fabulous, with amazing aromatics and lovely exotic passionfruit and white peach, as well as just a hint of green and a strong citrus core.

It may seem bad form to be recommending a Sauvignon Blanc when Portugal has a raft of brilliant indigenous varieties, but this wine is just so good. So I don’t care!

2 comments to More fun in Portugal, and the Portuguese Cloudy Bay

  • russ sainty

    did anyone break into “Duran Duran”?

  • Alex lake

    Yes! I remember going on a sailing holiday around Majorca and sleeping on deck. In the morning, I could just roll off the edge into the refreshing sea (we weren’t in a marina!)

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