Another lovely Portuguese red from Quinta do Noval

One of my favourite wine countries: Portugal. Some great terroirs, and some inspiring wine growers. And lots of progress over the last decade.

This red, the second wine from Quinta do Noval (see my review here), is brilliant value for money. It’s a really good wine in its own right – forget the fact that it’s a second wine. It tastes of its origins.

Cedro do Noval 2007 Vinho Regional Duriense, Portugal
13.5% alcohol. Sweet, ripe and supple with fresh, bright cherry and plum fruit. Ripe but fresh with good definition and acidity, as well as a bit of spicy, mineral structure. Subtle meat and olive notes. Fresh and supple with good Douro typicity. 91/100

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2 comments to Another lovely Portuguese red from Quinta do Noval

  • Rui Oliveira

    Hello Jamie!
    This wine as Syrah on it, making it not a Douro wine, but a regional wine from douro, completed with another 3 grapes(Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinto Cão) this ones tipical from douro region…
    haven´t taste this wine but it’s a curious this marriage with this 4 grapes…
    In Portugal there’s a lot of discussion regarding the grapes used in the making of wines, people with knowledge tend to favour the indigenous grapes…and Syrah is one of the most planted grapes in Portugal in the last years…it’s getting everywhere…in now time it’s in the region of Vinho Verde.Hope not!

  • Dear Rui,

    No one could be more devoted to the Douro and its grape varieties than I. Our Quinta do Noval Douro DOC Vinho Tinto is made only with the Douro varieties of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinto Cao for example. However, Syrah adapts very well to the Douro and I think has something positive to add to a blend sometimes. This is why we use it in our Cedro, and the result is pretty good, as Jamie seems to confirm, and unquestionably has a taste of Douro terroir. I suggest you try a bottle! With best wishes Christian Seely, Quinta do Noval Vinhos SA.

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