Verus Pinot Gris, Slovenia

Very impressed by the Verus wines from Slovenia. They’re deliciously fresh, aromatic and pure, as well as being beautifully packaged. They are commercially astute and well priced to boot. Here’s the Pinot Gris.

Verus Pinot Gris 2008 Slovenia
13% alcohol. Grapey, smokey and sweetly fruited with nice texture and a bit of spritz adding freshness. It’s an Alsace style: rich, but still dry, with lovely rounded fruit. Very stylish. 88/100 (£8.99 The Real Wine Company,

4 comments to Verus Pinot Gris, Slovenia

  • Eriks, Latvia

    Hi, Jamie! I am also addicted to football and wine. Shame that ManCity loose. However, you have hope to 4th place alive – I am a Liverpool’s supporter and for LFC all hope has gone this season.
    As regards to the wine, I wanted to say a lot of thanks for wineanorak. It provides a lot of information in a very friendly stile. Keep marching on!

  • Yeah, but that “Dedicated to family tradition and friendship” line on the front label is a bit tacky, isn’t it?

  • Nick Oakley

    Nerval – it works for Gallo’s ‘family’ vineyards, so why not?

  • In fairness to Verus (poetry’s not going that well, I must admit) the back label states, “Three friends put their utmost skill and care into making this wine”, so I suggest that the friendship thing on the front is less than cheesy. Leesy, perhaps. Not cheesy.

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