Viewing London from the Enotria tasting

Today was the Enotria tasting, held at ‘Altitude 360’ on the 29th floor of the Millbank Tower. I’d never been here before, but it’s a stunning location with views across London in all directions.

Enotria are a major agency business with a broad portfolio that’s particularly strong in Italian wines, but is becoming strong across the board. I began with three South African estates: Thelema (high quality, refined whites and reds), Tokara (brilliant whites) and Glen Carlou (disappointing). Then I had an Australian segue, with Skillogalee from the Clare Valley (brilliant Riesling and Gewurztraminer, but reds that were a bit too minty). Then off to Italy, where I tried through two stunning line-ups: Jermann and Anselmi. I went back to Australia for Langi Ghiran, whose Riesling (from Great Western and Henty fruit) impressed, but by this stage the tasting was getting pretty crowded and the red wines a bit too warm, so I called it a day.

The London views, from top to bottom: (1) looking up towards the Houses of Parliament and the London eye; (2) Westminster Abbey in the middle, with the Post Office tower and Centrepoint sticking up in the background; (3) the tower of Westminster Cathedral sticks out left, with Wembley Stadium central in the far distance; (4, below) Lambeth Palace in the foreground, and then the City of London with the Barbican visible left – showing how much of a kink there is in the Thames.

3 comments to Viewing London from the Enotria tasting

  • I love those views – by friend Chris Lewis has his PR agency on the 26th floor (I think) LEWIS PR and when I go there all I do is look out the window – I aspire to live somewhere near there with those views – imagine waking up to them – what a great city we live in.

  • Ben Smith

    Jamie, great to see you – you can see why I had to choose that venue – thrilling views!

  • Tom C

    The views were very good, its true. But the highlight for me were some of the Northern Italian whites – particularly from Puiatti (Sauvignon Bianco and Pinot Grigio Ruttars Collio stood out) and Colterenzio (Formigar Chard and Sauvignon Bianco Prail) –

    Yves Cuilleron’s condrieu and Trimbach’s SDGN Gewurtz and 02 Pinot Gris were sensational…(just to state the obvious!)

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