Some of my favourite instagram pictures

Since my Canada trip, I have been playing with instagram. It’s a great app for sharing pictures, and I can’t believe I didn’t use it earlier. With a limited range of distinctive filter effects and a fixed picture size, its simplicity is one of its strengths. Here are some of my snaps that I like the most, all taken on an iPhone5.

This is Clapham Junction station. I love all the lines. I did a bit of HDR in Camera+ and then put an instagram filter over the top.

On holiday in the Algarve. Fiona swims, Dan jumps in. Captures the holiday perfectly.

A steam train went past as I was waiting at a level crossing. Horridly backlit picture, but a bit of HDR brightened it up, and the result adds to the mood.

A conventional picture, but a pretty one: The Thames and Old Isleworth, taken on a run.

The King’s Cross redevelopment, early evening.

I love skies. Hanworth Park, HDRd to the hilt.

A photoshoot at Denbies Vineyard, Surrey, UK.

Finally, another Algarve holiday snap, made to look old fashioned by an instagram filter.

1 comment to Some of my favourite instagram pictures

  • keith prothero

    Very good. Still must work out how to use Instagram but I guess when guys like you are snapping away,there is little point in me bothering 🙂

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