Urban art with younger son and RTL

Fiona is away for the weekend with friends, so I’m a lone parent for a few days. [It’s normally the other way round.] Remarkably, I’ve managed to get younger son out walking the dog with me twice today, although he was on his bike.

This afternoon I tempted him out by offering to go along with him to Feltham Bowls, which is a large set of walls arranged in three big circles that now represent a site for legal graffiti. Last time he went there with his brother and a friend he was mugged, although it was only for a pound, and with the police, we found the muggers, who then gave the money back and apologised – an interesting episode.

I’m no fan of graffiti, nor much of a graffiti critic, but the quality of this urban art was surprisingly good. In the middle of this otherwise rather derelict, overgrown spot, it was strangely refreshing to find this outdoor gallery. We spent a while there but left when a group of chavs with a dangerous-looking dog showed up.

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